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pardon my dust. i'm turning it into glitter.

Hi, I'm Chris. If you subscribe to the MBTI, I'm an INFJ. I put myself through school for a seemingly useless English/Creative Writing degree, but writing is my passion and that's what I want to do when I grow up. Still figuring out what comes next, and pretty much everything else, so I'm feeling kinda adventurous. And yes, that's exactly how my OkCupid profile starts out. Why mess with a good thing, eh?

The site's a work in progress. I'll be adding content over time, and hopefully eventually it'll evolve into something halfway interesting. I'm glad you're still reading, though. Usually by this point I have to show a little skin to keep 'em interested.

look to the western sky...

       i'm still having aftershocks from all the gaygasms i had sunday night when i saw wicked at the durham performing arts center. they were no kristin and idina, but elphaba was still impressive at least. yes, it was my first time. i wasn't expecting it to be terribly true to the novel, but i was still surprised by how different it was. the harry potter films taught me to appreciate both for what they are, and the nice happy ending of the play was a welcome change. i was also impressed by how perceptive the writers were in divining and building upon certain themes/metaphors that were glossed over in the novel, particularly that of disillusionment, but i suppose that isn't exactly a new thing to the oz universe. i was a little disappointed that g(a)linda was left a bit flat. and the staging seemed cramped at times (maybe the venue?). but the guy who played fiyero was a major hottie. and "defying gravity" made me happy wee. a lot. i hadn't seen the tony performance before, so i had no idea what to expect. i kinda freaked out. i screamed and whooped and jumped and cried. it did my heart good to be in the theater. it had been over two years. it's a bittersweet feeling, similar to the one i used to get at concerts when i was younger, wishing it was me up on that stage, traveling the country with beautiful people having crazy fun on a crazy schedule. ahhh, dreams...

       the gaygasms were tempered a bit tonight, though, when the silly, ignorant, and hateful people of north carolina very unfortunately passed amendment one. it's not a new disappointment, nor is it an entirely unexpected one, although there was some justified hope from polling before the election. it's just a sad reminder that i really don't like people very much. and that this is just another place i don't belong. but i'm particularly sad because people who thought it was another chance to gay bash have just potentially stripped thousands of children across the state of health insurance and have removed some pretty crucial protections from women in abusive situations. it really was a stupid, nasty thing. i just hope the supreme court gets a move on and decrees that all the homophobes can go fuck themselves.

       but i just finished season three of rupaul's drag race and the queen i was rooting for from episode one took the crown, so that helps a lil' bit. it was a double fist pump moment with a little squeal for good measure.

       bed time. hope you're all well. and don't forget yo' mommas this weekend!

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