go postle.

pardon my dust. i'm turning it into glitter.

Hi, I'm Chris. If you subscribe to the MBTI, I'm an INFJ. I put myself through school for a seemingly useless English/Creative Writing degree, but writing is my passion and that's what I want to do when I grow up. Still figuring out what comes next, and pretty much everything else, so I'm feeling kinda adventurous. And yes, that's exactly how my OkCupid profile starts out. Why mess with a good thing, eh?

The site's a work in progress. I'll be adding content over time, and hopefully eventually it'll evolve into something halfway interesting. I'm glad you're still reading, though. Usually by this point I have to show a little skin to keep 'em interested.

what i'm doing...

        when it comes to writing, one obstacle for me is in realizing that the audience doesn't know what's going on in my head. they haven't been as saturated in the world as i have, they don't know the characters, they can't divine intentions. i suppose it's just as true for any sort of communication. you don't know what i'm thinking or feeling. the words will have a different effect on you than on me.

       i've been criticized for not updating more often, but i'm not sure that i accomplish anything by doing so.


       oh damn. adele just came on the starbucks music thingy. i'm gonna get all melancholy now.

       i was going to share some resolutions this year, but i'm finding that by not sharing i've actually accomplished more. so instead of sharing what i intend to do, i'll tell you what i've been up to: i've discovered a deep love for livemocha.com. it's amazing. i'm learning french and brushing up on my spanish. on the docket are german, latin, greek, and italian. you know, just to get me started. oops. i shared intentions. french is actually a lot easier than i expected. i was inspired by some french exchange students that ride one of my busses. and i love french cinema. and food.

       what else? i'm getting fat. i think i've gained about 5 pounds since the wreck. trying to work out still on my own, but it's simply not as much as i was doing before. i've been... lethargic. that's a good word for it. i need to make some changes, and i don't mean just in fitness.

       got my tax return. all of it went to the bank, minus a little treat to myself in the form of really good tickets to see wicked in may. very excited for that. also bought tickets to go to michigan to see family for the first time in over a year, then on the same trip i'll swing back through nyc to see dan for the first time in about two years. crazy, that. i'm excited, though.

       oh, and i went to a little local writing workshop. the facilitator is a local writer who is actually able to support herself as a writer, so that was encouraging. i sat down today to do some writing, so i better get to it. no idea what the hell i'm going to write, though... blank pages are scary.

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