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Study shows marketing to LGBTQ community benefits businesses

Preliminary findings from the 2010 Out Now Global LGBT Study suggest that companies benefit overall from marketing to and support for the queer community through 'public displays of affection,' according to a recent Openly Gay Marketing report.

Echelon Magazine adds that "Initial results show this powerful consumer market - accounting for 6% of all sales worldwide - will choose brands that support LGBT customers with visible, well-targeted marketing campaigns."

Ian Johnson, CEO of the LGBT marketing company Out Now, claims that this research is ground breaking in understanding the LGBTQ community.

"There still exists levels of discrimination and misinformation directed against LGBT people - but this new research reveals a clear trend," says Johnson. "Gay consumers switch brands to support companies that support LGBT customers and staff. This is highly significant - and valuable."

Perhaps Target and Best Buy should have taken a look at this research before making the donations that landed them in their recent public relations debacle, but Kansas City businesses can benefit from the larger corporations' failings, especially since it's easier than ever to search for businesses that support equality with the HRC's Buying for Equality iPhone application.

This study drives home earlier reports from this Examiner that equal rights are good for the economy.

This article was originally published on August 8, 2010 on Examiner.com

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