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pardon my dust. i'm turning it into glitter.

Hi, I'm Chris. If you subscribe to the MBTI, I'm an INFJ. I put myself through school for a seemingly useless English/Creative Writing degree, but writing is my passion and that's what I want to do when I grow up. Still figuring out what comes next, and pretty much everything else, so I'm feeling kinda adventurous. And yes, that's exactly how my OkCupid profile starts out. Why mess with a good thing, eh?

The site's a work in progress. I'll be adding content over time, and hopefully eventually it'll evolve into something halfway interesting. I'm glad you're still reading, though. Usually by this point I have to show a little skin to keep 'em interested.

As good as it gets?

       I have been trying for forever (or at least since the post before last) to write a review of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars", but am failing miserably. Any other topic that occurred to me was waved off by my one-track mind, so the result was another month of silence. Fortunately this one wasn't the crazy kind, or at least no more than usual. Another reason for the lack of writing is that work has been quite busy. Otherwise a prime writing time, we're currently in our recruitment phase, which this year involves all four of our fellowship and residency programs, so I've been trying to stay on top of the insane amounts of email from people saying "pick me!" But that should start to slow as people realize that they didn't get an invitation. Thursday I sent out a mass email for the first round of residency invites and had about 30 responses in 10 minutes. Blew me away.

       Something a coworker said the other day is driving me a little crazy, though. We were having lunch with some hotel sales reps hoping to get our business from all of the events we plan. I don't really remember what led to the topic exactly -- just some scrap of small talk that these southerners are so fond of -- but I made the remark that I'm still not sure what I'm going to do when I grow up. It's a lighthearted pseudo-joke that always gets a few polite chuckles, but my smart-ass friend, with her signature belly-laugh, came back with "Honey, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you're doing it!"

       It was just a flippant response, not intended to injure, but she hit a rather raw nerve. That has been a fear of mine since I moved to North Carolina, and so far she's exactly right. The best thing I've written today? A review on a pair of shoes over on Amazon. They are some rather lovely shoes. Working my way up the Amazon.com top reviewers list. Now ranked at 64,252! Because the small victories give you the completely sensible hope that the big ones are possible.

       Or something like that.

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